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Crocheted Composite (aka Super Stiff Crochet)

Updated: May 17, 2023

I'm making the world's first crocheted fiber reinforced polymer composites!

What is the purpose?

Not only are there are all the geometric benefits of crochet, including lace work and hyperbolic ruffle shapes, but also with an epoxy matrix and plant fiber reinforcement, the final products are very strong and stiff.

How can I make one?

If you would like to try making one yourself, these are the materials I used, which can help you get started.



  • Strong flax or hemp twine (I used hemp because it was cheaper and came in more colors than flax), for fiber reinforcement

  • Or, alternatively, 100% cotton yarn (will not be as strong. Acrylic / blends will NOT work)

  • Epoxy resin and hardener kit, includes disposable gloves and tools. (you could also use polyester resin, but in small quantities epoxy was cheaper), for polymer matrix. Approx. double weight needed as yarn used.

  • Disposable plastic cups, for mixing epoxy


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My Progress

Will update as I keep working on it! Here are days 1 and 2:

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