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Crochet a Beaded Choker

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Learn how to quickly crochet an edgy black and silver choker necklace, perfect for a night out.

Wearing black yarn choker with silver beads


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Round 0: Thread ~30 beads onto working yarn. Create slip knot and ch 32.

Round 1: In second st from hook, make 3 sc. Pull up a bead, ch 1. Make 3 more sc in same st as before. In next st, sc 1. Ch 1 and turn.

Round 2: In first st from hook (excluding turning ch), sc 3. Add bead, ch 1. Sc 3 in same st as before. In next st, sc 1. Ch 1 and turn.

Round 3 - 24ish: Repeat round 2 until the choker fits around your neck. Mine was 24 rounds.

Final Round: From final turning ch, ch an additional 31. Cut yarn. Tie a bead onto both ends of necklace. Trim yarn and secure ends with clear nail polish to prevent fraying.


Ch = chain

St = stitch

Sc = single crochet

Pull up a bead = move a bead from the working yarn right up against hook. Yarn over, and pull through to create the next ch st.

To thread the beads onto the yarn, I used a hand sewing needle. To get the crochet thread into the needle eye, I used a flexible needle threader.



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