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Portable Desert Cryocooler for Biohazard Specimens

For my senior capstone project, my team designed an ATV mounted device to cool contaminated blood samples collected in the desert. I modeled and simulated a custom composite thermal capacitor to safely cool a sample to -25°C in 10 mins. Long-term cooling was achieved with peltier cells plus vacuum insulation to combat harsh desert conditions. I created a prototype at 1/10 the price, and we reached -23°C in 20 mins. We won the capstone award for “Best Overall Thermal Design Project”.

Heat Transfer Diagram
Prototype Pictures
Transient Thermal Sim
Exploded Assembly
Thermal Circuit
Orthotropic Composite Phase Change Material Calculations
Resistance Diagram
Prototype Concept Sketch
Prototype Cooling Over Time
Transient Phase Change Material Cooling
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