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3D Print an Arthritis Friendly Crochet Hook

Using Solidworks, learn how to create an ergonomic and stylish crochet hook base with interchangeable heads.

Back in December, I was diagnosed with lupus. For those of you who don't know, that's a disease where the immune system attacks healthy cells by accident, and causes very painful symptoms, including widespread arthritis. I was devastated because I love working with my hands, and I was afraid that this would be the end of my crafting days. Fortunately, my current treatment has been very effective, but I have small flare-ups every few weeks which makes crocheting painful.

Grasping small, thin hooks puts strain on my joints, so I decided to create my own arthritis friendly crochet hook!

Even if you have no medical condition that affects your hand mobility, crocheting becomes very tiring if you do it for hours on end. If you plan on crocheting a blanket, then you should plan on frequent hand cramps too, if you use a standard hook. To make your crocheting experience as comfortable as possible, using an ergonomic hook is the best option.

Now there are plenty of comfy hooks out there that you can purchase, but the size of the hook unfortunately causes extra bulk during storage. Having 5 different sizes of crochet hook heads, all with the same thick handle, would take up a lot of space in a bag or drawer.

But unlike commercial hooks, this tutorial allows you to carry as many head sizes as you want, while only taking up the space of one.

What makes this DIY one unique is the interchangeability of the heads! No matter the thickness of yarn you are using for your project, you can use the same comfortable handle by unscrewing one head and replacing it with another suitable size.

You can even crochet a little pouch to store all the heads so they don't get lost! Or 3D Print a case that the heads can snap into. Or tie them up with a hairband. All the heads will be the same shape so they will fit nicely together, unlike some of the hooks pictured above.

Now if you don't have access to a 3D Printer, I'd suggest using clay to design your hook head and base. You could attach a screw to the bottom of the head, mold the clay of the base around it, and wait for it to dry. Once dried, you could unscrew the head, and have a threaded hole set up in the handle. To make more heads, simply attach the same size screw!

The best part about a DIY crochet hook is that it is 100% customizable, so it can fit anyone's hand perfectly, and even be personalized to make a thoughtful gift.

If your main goal is to improve comfort, you can follow the design I created below, or create another hook that has the same silhouette.

If you just want a really fancy hook that you can use to fish for compliments (heh, get it), then your imagination is the limit! Think of any pattern, plant, animal, or word you like, and start designing. Making a gift for someone? Think of something they're passionate about! Even if they don't crochet already, a beautiful hook could help them get started. Need inspiration? Check out the image gallery to the left.


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Desiree' Parry
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